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Gain valuable real time and/or Historic information on any or all of your shipments.
From the time a shipment is created as a quote, and as it moves between different milestones or statuses in the life of a shipment you can see it.
We think you should know what to expect and be able to see what you want when you want?
Because all of our applications are cloud based they are accessible via a unique login…. always.

Know your cost before you ship – View All Your Pricing options in seconds
Know your transit time before routing – Choose Available carrier that meets shipment requirement.
In transit shipments are monitored via API , EDI or a daily manual update for current status, location and ETA (where available)
Status Updates (Optional Automated Delivery via Email)
View Statement or Individual Invoices
View All Carrier Invoice Date(s) and Amounts
  • Ship Date
  • Invoice Date
  • Date Received
  • Funding Requested
  • Funding Received
  • Payment made to Carrier
  • Payment to Carrier Cleared