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Terms and Conditions

Shipments tendered utilizing the Amark web site will be invoiced by Amark, inclusive of all legal applicable charges, to you and are payable as presented, in accordance with the credit terms extended at the time of sale.

The rate information provided by and or obtained from this web site is considered proprietary and is subject to non-dislosure.

Rate quotes are based on information you provide. The actual charges shall be determined by actual shipment characteristics and any special services applicable at time of shipment as stated in the individual Rules Tariff of the carrier selected. A link to those rules is available on the menu bar of this website.

All items declared on the bill of lading for a particular shipment are subject to review and verification. Any additional charges incurred as a result of (but not limited to) a reweigh, reclassification, reconsignment, corrected bill of lading, or any change of Bill To Party will be added to the final freight charges and are the responsibility of the party that has been authorized to use this site via a secure login.

The transit times are average transit times (Dock to Dock) of the service days for each specific carrier represented in the rate results though they may in fact be sooner. If you require specific transit times, please contact your Amark representative.

Limited Liability

All shipments tendered through this website are subject to liability limitations as set forth in the underlying carriers Rules Tariff. Liability limitation can range from $1.00 per pound to $25.00 per pound. Insuring goods at face value is available for an additional cost through the carrier. Amark Logistics, Inc and the Carrier must be notified and the actual value must be stated on the bill of lading at the time of shipment and is subject to the associated additional charges