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Save You Money

  1. Your Shipment History/Payments are analyzed and compared to available market pricing.
  2. We utilize Group Buying Power to negotiate lower Rates and Contracts with Multiple Carriers.
  3. Online Decision Maker to give you the best combination of price and service for all your shipments.
  4. Manage all inbound Collect and outbound Prepaid and Third Party Shipments .
  5. Manage Vendor interaction for inbound shipments.
  6. Managed Commodity Classification, Description and NMFC
  7. Managed Document Preparation to ensure accurate billing and eliminate additional charges later.
  8. Minimize or Eliminate Balance Due Freight Bills
  9. Integration with your ERP, TMS or other Proprietary System (Optional)
  10. Freight Bill Audit and Payment
Increase Savings

Increase Savings